In her artistic work Judith Mann has been dealing with natural phenomena, their interdependence and reproducibility for the last two decades. They range from electromagnetism, rain, fog and lighting to more subtle aspects of the flora and its metabolic processes. For about ten years now, she has been directing her focus predominantly on relational aspects of resonance between the individual, the social and the phenomena often referred to as 'nature'. Her work aims less at a realistic reproduction or representation, but rather at the energy that appears in the resonating interrelations of these moments. Two of her preferred mediums, with which she seeks to encapsulate and evoke this energy are fire/bronze and fog – but also an array of other materials, ranging from clay to 3MTC Solid State tesla coils, are represented in her artistic work.

Judith Mann completed her studies at Berlin University of the Arts as graduate engineer in architecture in 1999. She is a trained pyrotechnician and mother of two daughters. In 2008 she founded the Effektschmiede, a collective of and for artists and technicians, whose artistic direction she has held since. Amongst other things, the Effektschmiede aims at questioning the boundaries of technology and art, pursues an educational mandate of imparting scientific knowledge via new means and enables a safeguard for the independent production of art. The experimentation with individual and cooperative ways of working forms an integral part of her artistic practice. Judith Mann lives and works in Cologne.

Short Biography

1970 Born in Munich, GER
1993 Birth of daughter Johanna
1995 Birth of daughter Charlotte
1999 Graduation in Architecture (Ing. ≈ M.Sc.), UdK Berlin
2003 Certified Pyrotechnician (§20 SprenG)
2008 Founding of the Effektschmiede, Collective for Art and Technology
2013 Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, AUT
2019 Conversion and occupation of new studio space

Exhibitions and Residencies (Selection)

2009 Technorama Winterthur (exhibits), CHE
2011 TMW Vienna (exhibits), AUT
2012 "Rationale III" (group show), Frauenmuseum Bonn, GER
2013 Vitenfabrikken (exhibits), Sandnes, NOR
2013 Salix.Nebel (solo show), at the invitation of the German embassy, Belgrade, SRB
2014 Performance with tesla coils and orchestra, in cooperation with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, NOR
2014 Artist-in-residence Assissi, ITA
2015 Artist-in-residence Beers, NLD
2014/15 Universum Bremen (exhibits), GER
2015 "Female Orgasm" (group show), Beers, NLD
2016 "Fürstliches Gartenfest" (group show), Schloss Fasanerie, GER
2017 "Kunst im Park" (group show), Schloss-Burg Namedy, GER
2017 "Raum aus Luft" (solo show), Kunstkirche Bochum, GER
2018 "Zwischen Atelier und Labor" (group show), Villa Roth, GER
2018 "Windkunstfestival" (group show), Zierenberg, GER
2019 "Nebel 7" (solo show), phaeno, Wolfsburg, GER